Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Shocking Ssese Island

I’m not sure if Jeanette has mentioned this before, but traveling by public transport can be exhausting and takes much longer than planned. We decided to break our journey from Queen Elizabeth National Park to the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria into two parts, that way we wouldn’t stress about getting to the ferry on time. We planned on visiting Sitatunga Corner Observatory in Masaka to see the elusive water antelopes and maybe an infamous shoebill stork. As luck would have it, the observatory is closed until next year. Despite this, our stay in Masaka was shocking. And I mean that literally. The way the water heater and the hand-held showerhead were wired, every time we touched the metal knobs or the metal hose or any part other than the small bit of plastic on the nozzle, electricity coursed through us. Jeanette very cautiously held the nozzle above my head while I tried to avoid touching the metal hose. Clean hair is highly overrated.  Jeanette decided not to shower that night.

Depiction of the shower incident.

I can’t tell you much about the Ssese Islands other than the view from our beachside bungalow is very nice. My mom, though, has explored everything within walking distance. We’re staying at a very, very relaxing hotel with the best manager we’ve met on this continent. Hopefully we won’t get bilharzias from the water, but I’ve always wanted to swim in Lake Victoria so Jeanette and I are risking it. Mom is not. She found 200 different species of birds in Uganda. And tomorrow, we head home. It’s been a fabulous nine months of travel, but it’s time to go. More on that in the next (and possibly last??) post.

View of Lake Victoria from our porch.

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