Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back safe and sound

I guess this could be our last blog post since our trip is officially over. We arrived safely back in Florida last week after a smooth, 25-hour-long assortment of flights. We spent the 12 hours from Cairo to NYC transfixed by our personal movie screens that came complete with dumb computer games. It was complete luxury --we got three seats all to ourselves instead of the typical 1.5. Jeanette's cousin Michael even met us for lunch/dinner at the JFK airport. The past seven days flew by with shopping and hanging out with Jeanette's family and friends. Soon we're off to my family's Christmas in SC.

Thanks to everyone who's followed our misadventures. Our next plan is to find jobs and move to Anchorage. (Hopefully in that order....) Happy Holidays to everyone and feel free to email us at our real email addresses.


  1. Welcome back!!! First you don't have to sign off just change the blog title to Away from my Desk: Hiding out in Alaska or something, second there are a bunch of cheap houses for sale near me and Mr. Wilkens is about to close on his new house two streets over. It's really close. Thirdly welcome back!!

  2. I have really enjoyed sharing your travels these past few months, and I will miss you. I wish you both the most joyous of holidays with your families, and resettling in Anchorage! Thank you for sharing the journey.