Monday, February 7, 2011

Finally started it

We're finally fulfilling the promise we've made to everyone who knows of our plans and starting a blog. It took a few days to concoct a name, and we tossed out a few good ones, like the alliterative "Anne's Adventures in Africa Guest Starring Jeanette" and Jeanette's expletive laden favorite that a few of you may guess at. In the end, our group of literary friends in Unalaska suggested the winner.

This blog will likely be a bit empty for a while. Apparently if we want to move off of our island we actually have to pack our things. Then we're taking a quick road trip to visit family members in the Lower 48. Check back in late March. By that time we should be watching penguins in South Africa and considering the best ways to de-worm ourselves.

All of that said, KUCB is still the best radio station on the planet, and I love Channel 8. (Pledge your membership at   


  1. Yay! Can't wait to follow your adventures!

  2. I'm up for anything that has to do with Africa, and especially South Africa. I will look forward to your experiences!