Thursday, February 17, 2011

Channel 8 never leaves you

This is for everyone from Unalaska. A funny incident in Anchorage yesterday reminded Jeanette and I that Alaska is small and sometimes creepy and that the power of Channel 8 is limitless.

Yesterday afternoon we went to PenAir Cargo to pick up my bicycles. Please note that PenAir ships things all over the state, not just Unalaska, and that Anchorage is actually a large(ish) city. Now it wouldn't have been surprising if the guy at the front desk knew what I shipped once I mentioned Unalaska. Let's face it, not many people ship large awkward masses of bike parts wrapped in about two dozen boxes held together with a roll of packing tape. It was a unique packing job. But that's not what happened. No, I walked into the pick-up area, and a man I can't ever remember seeing before in my entire life says "Oh, you're Anne Hillman. We've got your bikes." I blink. "I used to live in Dutch," he says. "I've seen you on Channel 8." I didn't have to sign for my bikes or show ID. And he carried them to the car for us. Jeanette thought it was creepy. I thought it was hilarious.

And that, my friends, is the power of Channel 8. :)  


  1. And that is the power of living in a place "where everybody knows your name." :)

  2. Love it! I vote for hilarious instead of creepy. Alaska is such a small BIG state. It's kinda weird but in a nice way.

  3. i think i know that guy - he's nice! he reminds me of mario batali. definitely not creepy.